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Getting your driver's license back after a drunk driving conviction.

When you earned your driving license for the first time, you feel very satisfied and relaxed because now you can go anywhere you want to go. Your aspiration and responsibilities start increasing with you and the need for a car and a driving license becomes essential to meet them. You need them for going to work, live in your chosen location, going shopping, school, and managing your family’s busy schedule.

One of the severe consequences of a drunk driving conviction DUI conviction is losing your driving license. In the state of Michigan, the driving license is suspended due to a DUI conviction, known as OWI (operating while intoxicated). The state will cancel your driving license if you refuse to take a blood alcohol test or breathalyzer test when authority stops you at the roadside. Losing your driving license can lead to many other problems like losing your job and increased difficulties in your daily routine.

However, there are options to combat OWI accruals and even restore a restricted driver's license for a suspended license. A competent, experienced Drunk Driving Lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan can review your choices and advise you on the best alternatives to retain or restore your driver's license.

How you can get your license back?

Restricted license

Unfortunately, if your license is suspended due to a DUI conviction, it is however a severe situation but there are ways to get it back. If you’re your license is suspended because of an OWI conviction, you can get help from driver's License Restoration Lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A restricted driver’s license permits limited driving freedoms to or from the following places:

  • School
  • Workplace
  • Court appearances
  • Medical visits for yourself or family

When you are driving your vehicle with a restricted license, you must have a valid reason for driving. You will need the following proofs:

  • Documented work hours from your workplace
  • Documentation of an approved destination for which you are allowed to go
  • Documented class schedules

You will need documents for the driving of any other approved reason. A person who is driving for an invalid reason that is not approved under their restricted driver’s license might be charged for driving with a suspended license, and that person might have to face criminal penalties, and his license suspension will be extended.

If you qualify for a restricted driver’s license, you will not receive it automatically. You will have to apply and proof for your eligibility. It depends on the original circumstances of the offense, before getting eligible for the restricted license, drivers may have to serve part of their license suspension. Other conditions may apply in different cases like getting an ignition interlock system for all the vehicles that you will drive.  


Upon the expiration of the suspension of your driving license, you are eligible for reinstatement of your Michigan driver's license. You must pay the restoration fee and comply with all other license suspension conditions.

Reinstating a Revoked License

License revocation is more difficult than license suspension because revocation can be permanent. However, depending on the nature of your OWI violation and the circumstances, you may request a hearing to restore your license after the required waiting period.

It is not confirmed that a judge will reinstate your revoked driver’s license. The court will ask for proof or reasons from you that why they reinstate your license. An experienced OWI attorney will do the duty of your advocate and in this way the chances of getting your driver’s license renewal increase.

A professional and experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney can explain your options and reasons for your revoked license, and whether you may be eligible for your license renewal. The attorney will keep your information confidential and could help you in a better way.