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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim

Recovering financial compensation following a car accident involves filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. And while you can strike out on your own, it’s inadvisable for several reasons. For instance, the process can be very involving, requiring a vast amount of resources- time and effort. Thus, if you’re hunting for a car accident lawyer in San Antonio, go here to find the assistance you need. 

Besides, claim filing calls for a professional who’s familiar with the personal injury laws in your state. And oh, insurance companies are most concerned about their interests. Thus, you might be left holding the short end of the stick despite what an insurer would have you believe. 

So, how would an attorney lend you a hand in case of a personal accident claim? Here’s our informed take on the relevance of a professional’s involvement. 

  1. Ensuring You Provide Accurate Information 

Anything you say can and will be used against… so goes the famous refrain in law enforcement. Turns out, an insurance company can use the information you provide. 

Unfortunately, if you set out on your own, an insurer may adopt various tactics to get you to provide damaging information. In such a case, you may misrepresent information unintentionally- on record- and hurt your chances of recovering compensation or getting your justifiable dues. 

For instance, an insurer may ask what you were up to when the accident occurred. The idea is to entrap you into admitting fault in the incident. By providing an honest response, you may acknowledge, on record, that your actions may have led to the collision. 

A car accident attorney handles the insurer on your behalf. That way, you can avoid making assumptions that could leave you in a tight spot. 

  1. Computing your Financial and Non-financial losses

While establishing liability is critical to the claim process, other elements come into play. For instance, how can you determine the amount you’re entitled to under the specific laws in your state? Well, that’s where a personal injury lawyer comes in. 

By reviewing your medical records, an attorney can compute your financial losses. However, non-monetary physical and emotional anguish outcomes may be beyond economic recompense. In most cases, such vehicle crash results can be severely devastating. Even less severe injuries can affect your ability to perform physical activities and lead to long-term discomfort. 

Often classified as pain and suffering, these losses can be challenging to determine. But with the assistance of an attorney, you can establish your reasonable present and future losses. These include your non-financial losses such as emotional trauma. In most cases, an insurer would not be eager to offer compensation for such losses. Fortunately, with a car accident lawyer, you can take the fight to an insurer and recover your full compensation. 

  1. Investigating Your Claim

Typically, when you file a claim, the insurer in question will conduct an investigation, often hoping to shift responsibility to you- if you are at fault. By banking on their version of events, insurance companies can make skewed assessments that only protect their interests. 

An attorney protects your rights by helping determine liability. To do this, a legal representative would conduct an independent investigation by gathering relevant information – evidence to better assess your claim. In so doing, an attorney can determine liability after considering your interests. Having a legal professional in your corner also means an insurer wouldn’t take advantage of you while attempting to establish the party at fault. 

  1. Negotiating a Fair Settlement 

A car accident lawyer who fully grasps your case's facts and your justifiable dues can negotiate a fair settlement with an insurer. Besides, such negotiations require a level head to counter opposing arguments or tactics insurers may employ. Your best bet for just compensation would be to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. 

If you opt not to seek representation, an insurer may interpret this to mean that you’re unlikely to take your case to trial. Consequently, they may offer a lower-than-expected settlement. Even so, involving an attorney would imply that you’re ready to take your matter to court. Thus, an insurer would be more likely to offer full compensation rather than having to drag it through the courts.

Clearly, the proper representation counts when you file your car accident claim. Having a San Antonio car accident lawyer by your side can help you navigate the complex negotiation process, deal with ‘difficult’ insurers, or pursue legal action if push comes to shove. If you or a loved one need legal assistance, consider scheduling a consultation with an auto accident attorney to fight for your legal rights.