What a Private Investigator Can Do For Your Business

Contrary to what’s portrayed on television detective shows, private investigators do much more than sit in their cars and follow people around all day.

These are highly trained individuals, often with backgrounds in both the military and law enforcement. They have skill sets that range from simple surveillance all the way to first class security techniques and even special on-line investigative talents.

Many private investigators make their living simply by taking on jobs requested by individuals and the courts, but the majority have at least a few business clients as well. The majority of PI's do keep busy proving infidelity, but there are a number of other things they can do.

So having a well regarded, licensed private investigator on retainer, or at least on your private phone list, is always a good idea.

These highly trained and competent individuals can help you in many ways, including:

Background Checks

In regards to personnel decisions, private investigators can look into any person or persons you’re thinking about hiring for your company.

These types of cases generally involve criminal and civil record searches, bankruptcy filings, credit reports, driving records and more.

The type of investigation required will likely depend on the importance of the job that’s under consideration, but it’s always a good idea to know the type of people you’re hiring before putting them into any real positions of authority.


This can involve many different methods and techniques, again depending on the needs and wants of the employer.

Perhaps an employee’s filed a disability claim and you suspect he or she may be embellishing the truth. Hire a private investigator to follow the person around and determine for sure what’s going on.

You can even hire an investigator to go undercover in your place of business and conduct surveillance, to be sure your employees are doing the jobs they’ve been hired to do.

Secret Shoppers

If you run a retail establishment, you know first hand that your employees are going to be on their best behavior whenever you’re on site.

But if you really want to know how they’re doing in terms of customer service, hire a private investigator to visit your place of business. He can interact with your employees and determine what kind of service they’re giving to your customers.


This is a job that many simply don’t want to do. So instead of training one or more of your employees to do this unpleasant task, why not just hire a private investigator to do the dirty work for you?

Investigators can assist you in recovering bad debt, in accordance with the law. They can also help you in recovering vehicles, equipment and more, as long as all legal paperwork is in place ahead of time.

Courier Services/Serving Documents

If you need documents delivered from place to place, private investigators are a good option for this type of work. They can even transport employees and clients, if needed.

Additionally, many private investigators are licensed and can legally deliver court documents to other parties in a lawsuit. If this type of service is needed, a licensed and professional private investigator is almost certainly your best option.

Termination Services

If you need to fire someone and you’re worried it might not go well, you could have a private investigator on site to ensure that the terminated employee is removed from the premises without incident.

They can even accompany the employee home to retrieve any company documents or equipment, if necessary.

Security Checks

If you want an impartial evaluation of your company’s security systems, private investigators have the training and the abilities to professionally and thoroughly conduct these types of services.

They can check your surveillance system, be sure all doors are properly secured and even conduct interviews or evaluations of employees you suspect might not be what they claim to be.

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