6 Disciplinary Actions That Require Medical License Defense Attorney

For a physician, one of the worst things that can happen is losing the privilege of practicing their craft. For most working in the healthcare field, extreme disciplinary action that results in the loss of a medical license is not very common, but it still happens on occasion. When a doctor is facing such disciplinary action, it is important that they hire a skilled attorney to help with their defense. Here are some of the most common stations that may result in a physician needing to hire a medical license defense attorney.

What is a License Defense Lawyer?

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A professional medical license defense attorney is one who specializes in defending medical professionals' right to work. They represent physicians and other healthcare professionals when agencies such as the Oklahoma medical license board initiates any disciplinary action. There is a wide range of actions for which a medical license defense attorney may be needed, which we will explore below.

Positive Drug Test

Hospitals and clinics routinely test their employees for drugs. If a physician test positive for illicit substances, it can lead to the medical board receiving a negative report. This also holds true for those in the healthcare field who have tested positive for prescription drugs but are suspected of abusing them. Most positive drug test results in an instant suspension, but a lawyer can defend against this suspension and help to protect their medical license.

Impairment Issues

Any physician who is struggling with impairment issues may face disciplinary action. Often these professionals are given referrals to impairment programs, which of course is mandatory. This often results in monitoring and other agreements going forward. An attorney will be able to work on the physician’s behalf to negotiate the terms of these agreements.

Challenges in Getting a Medical License

In some cases, a physician may face difficulties in obtaining a medical license. This may be due to issues with paperwork, state restrictions, or any number of technical problems. They are also able to defend physicians who previously had license-related disciplinary issues. A medical license defense attorney will be able to work on the doctor's behalf when they apply for a license.

Medical License Restoration

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A physician or other healthcare professional who has already had their medical license suspended, but now wishes to have it restored will need an attorney. There are some cases in which restoration is not possible, but healthcare professionals that have completed the terms of their suspension can hire a lawyer to have their medical license restored. For example, if a medical license was suspended due to a medical malpractice claim that was later proven untrue, a lawyer can seek to have it restored. 

Allegations of Drug Diversion

Anytime a physician is accused of diverting medications from a medical facility, they will need to hire an attorney. This also includes claims of failure to dispose of certain substances correctly, theft of narcotics, or Pyxis system mistakes. Hiring a lawyer can prevent the revocation of a medical license or criminal charges in many cases.


Not all problems physicians originate in the workplace. If a physician is charged with a DUI, their license to practice medico may be suspended or revoked. Hiring an attorney can help prevent these worse-case scenarios depending on the particulars of the case. The same attorney will also be able to help defend against criminal charges resulting from the DUI.

Protecting The Rights and Medical Licenses of Physicians

Physicians go into healthcare with the intention of helping people. It is important to remember that physicians are held to a higher standard, but they are people who may make mistakes along the way. Hiring a medical license defense attorney is the best way to help a physician whose license was or may be suspended or revoked.

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