Hiring a Civil Lawyer in Melbourne

If you have been involved with a civil dispute in Melbourne, it is important to rely on a skilled civil attorney. They can help you with by alternative dispute resolution.

Hiring a Civil Lawyer in Melbourne can be a complicated process, but it’s essential that you get the right person to provide you with the right advice. Follow these tips to find the best lawyer for your case.

The civil attorney, or litigator, deals with non-criminal legal disputes. It usually involves disputes from parties or legal entities seeking a form of compensation for damages suffered from another party. Such as a claim against a personal services company such as an electrician, plumber or a Melbourne removalists etc. Civil disputes are more commonly regarding civil disputes about people, property and in many cases family relationships.

Civil attorneys must be able to communicate and resolve conflict and their extensive knowledge and use of procedural law to help clients.

Civil attorneys focus is to deal with disputes arising from wrongs committed by individuals within the community.

Civil law covers a wide range of legal practice areas including:

  • Property law
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Personal injury law

Most civil attorneys specialize in one of the above areas, however there are civil attorneys’ that can specialize in multiple.

What does a civil lawyer help with?

A civil lawyer represents private individuals, government entities and private businesses in disputes.

Your civil attorney will provide advice and legal strategies. They can represent you in many proceedings such as pretrial hearings and depositions, arbitration, mediation if it is needed.

Civil attorneys can handle provide advice on complex areas such as tax law and real estate transactions, immigration law or even draft up a will.

Why you need a civil attorney?

A lawyer may be a good idea if you are considering a civil case lawsuit. A civil lawyer will evaluate the strength of your case, and provide your best legal options to take.

The majority of lawsuits never make it to trial and often gets resolved before going to trial through negotiations and mediation. One of the things a civil lawyer will determine at an early stage is whether settling the case or going to trial is best. E.g. A dispute arising between damaged fridge caused by the interstate removalist company you hired will more commonly be resolved through early-stage negotiations as opposed to a case of a family inheritance left between 10 family members without a will drafted up.

A civil lawyer may also be a good idea if you are being sued by another party. Lawyers are experts in all aspects of legal procedure and can provide valuable advice to help you avoid costly mistakes. When a lawsuit is filed against you, there can be a lot at stake. A civil lawyer acts as a safety blanket throughout the process.

What can it cost?

What is the cost of a civil lawyer in Melbourne? To determine the exact costing, no 2 cases are ever the same. But a civil lawyer will take into account, type of area, case difficulty, experience of the attorney, geographical location.

Civil attorneys also work with varying fees:

  • Hourly rate: The average rate can be as low as $100/hour, and up to $300/hour. Higher fees can be charged by specialized attorneys and dependent on level of experience.
  • Flat Fee: This is common in simpler or more well-defined cases such as bankruptcy filings, wills or divorces.
  • Retainer Clients pay the attorney in advance to a trust account. The hourly rate is used to determine how much the attorney will take from clients as they perform their services.

A civil suit attorney can help you have a better chance of success in various legal proceedings. They will be there to help you through the process, whether it is settling privately or going to trial.

Civil suit attorneys fight for your best interests. An experienced attorney will not only provide the best legal services but will also be compassionate and try to make their clients feel at ease at their most distressing time.

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