Three Errors People Make When Trying to Get Disability Benefits

1. You may not be totally disabled

According to Jon Sipes, El Paso social security disability lawyer, your mental or physical condition may prevent you from your current or former job, however it may not be preventing you from getting a different type of job. Additionally, while you may have a severely painful medical situation that indeeds causes you limitations in life, the SSA will investigate whether or not your condition is treatable. Your painful impairment must prevent you from doing the kind of work you used to do, and also must prevent you from having the ability to carry out a brand new kind of job. Even for those who can’t do the work you used to do, if there's a much less demanding or strenuous job the SSA believes you are able to do, then most likely they will say you aren't disabled and deny your claim. SSD benefits. It is also important to be aware that SSI benefits are not awarded simply because employment cannot be secured for whatever reason. The Social Security disability program is designed to assist those that are mentally or bodily unable to keep up employment on a regular basis. For instance, the ALJ is not interested in how unhealthy the economy may be at the time of your application. Asserting during your interview that you would or could work if somebody would hire you is a giant mistake. SSD benefits are usually not for unemployed claimants. And if the judge finds that you're able to holding down a job, they may almost certainly deny your SSDI application.

2. You may not have treated your condition medically

If you have not seen a physician to treat your condition then your claim for disability benefits will be denied. Additionally, if you have failed to follow your doctors orders, which then also is used to document your disability, this will leave your SSD claim application unsubstantiated and without the necessary credentials. You want your doctors, surgeons, and/or therapists to be on your side and willing to assist with the necessary paperwork. In the scenario that your doctor doesn’t agree with your personal evaluation of your impairment, his or her medical opinion might harm your claim. Take the time you need to get the right people in your corner assisting you. You need time to participate in treatment plans in order to firmly establish medically that your impairment is a genuine hinderance now and going forward. Another issue to avoid is then failing to observe your physician’s orders, such as taking the prescribed medication or performing the proper exercises and following necessary dietary or movement restrictions. The Social Safety Administration will view the failure to observe a doctor's treatment remedy as grounds for an immediate denial. If a claimant fails to be making efforts to heal in an effort to return to work, the application can be seen as fraudulent.

3. Failing to seek the advice of a qualified disability lawyer

SSDI claimants that apply along with having skilled legal representation on their side are way more prone to be awarded benefits than those attempting to do so on their very own. An experienced Social Security attorney can guide and assist a claimant every step of the way from start to finish. They will answer questions and give you reassurance. Additionally, they do not get paid if you do not get awarded benefits. The overwhelming majority of El Paso Texas Social Security Disability Lawyer requests that are found to be in denial are those submitted without qualified legal representation. If you want a smooth and easy process of for your SSI claims acceptance, then use a board-certified SSDI attorney like Jon Sipes. Contact the disability attorney, Jon Sipes, today. He can help you get the advantages you deserve and consultations are always complimentary.

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