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How To Claim Car Accident Insurance In Sacramento

If one has experience driving in Sacramento, one will know that every car rider should carry car insurance. But the process involved in the claim of a car accident insurance might skip the knowledge of many. Even if one is equipped with enough knowledge regarding this, many insurance companies initially tend to offer a low amount of compensation. Therefore it is always recommended to consult a Sacramento car accident lawyer who can explain all the procedures well and also assist in negotiating with the insurance company to secure a fair amount of compensation considering the severity of the accident injuries.

Process Involved In Claiming Car Accident Insurance

Contact An Attorney

The first step after meeting a car accident is to seek help from an attorney and provide every detail about the case. Moreover, while suffering from an injury, one might be unable to focus on the case proceedings. 

Receiving assistance from an injury attorney who would help to file a traffic accident report form, assess the percentage of fault, claim compensation based on the insurance limits, injury caused, and faults, collect necessary evidence and negotiate with the insurance company on the best settlements.

File An Insurance Claim

After consulting with an attorney, the next step is to file an insurance claim. The insurance company will get back within 15 days of submission of the notice concerning the claim, where they will ask the individual to create a statement along with all the relevant pieces of evidence, including the filled-up claim form, the medical reports, medical bills, proof for the claim of lost wages, pictures showing the accident scene, car damage reports from a mechanic or a repair shop and statement from eyewitnesses (if any). 

Negotiation And Settlement

After the insurance company has thoroughly investigated the case, a settlement offer will be made to the client. If the settlement goes fairly with all the damages caused, the process of giving consent to the settlement agreement comes. But in several cases, insurance companies tend to offer an initial offer that might be subject to negotiation by a skilled accident injury attorney for a better deal. While signing the final settlement, it is important to read the entire agreement thoroughly. 

Final Thoughts

The settlement is usually approved within 40 days after the case has been proven, which shows that one is entitled to compensation. If the claim has been denied, one can initiate a lawsuit with the help of an accident injury attorney in Los Angeles.