What Options Do I Have for Reimbursement?

Injuries sustained daily can have far-reaching psychological, economic, and social consequences. Your physical, financial, and mental health may never be the same after an accident. For this reason, the law provides for a wide range of possible remedies with which you can get help from a Georgia Medical malpractice attorney.

Cost of Treatment

Payments for past, present, and future medical care related to the accident are a popular kind of compensation awarded in personal injury lawsuits.


  • Any emergency surgery performed
  • A flight in an ambulance or helicopter in case of a medical emergency
  • Alterations to your dwelling necessitated by your injury
  • X-rays and other forms of medical imaging
  • Blood tests and other types of laboratory analysis
  • Chiropractic care
  • Assistance with psychological issues stemming from the occurrence.
  • Mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, canes, and walkers

Unpaid Wages

Your lawyers can also ask for payment for any salary you have had to forego because of the accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be out of commission for a while. It is possible that you are unable to do your job because of an injury or illness or that your doctor has advised you to take time off to heal.

You may be eligible for compensation if a permanent disability, such as a catastrophic brain injury or amputation of a limb, reduces your future earning potential.

Discomfort and agony

Pain and suffering damages are another monetary compensation for those who have suffered personal injuries. Mental anguish can take the form of anything from sadness to insomnia.

Because they vary from case to instance, putting a price on these losses can be challenging. A victim's ability to prove physical and emotional distress will affect the compensation he or she receives.

Thankfully, your personal injury attorneys understand how to compile compelling evidence to demonstrate the true cost of their clients' suffering. Your lawyer will gather all the necessary information to assign a fair value to your losses. One option is keeping a diary detailing the daily mental and physical challenges you face.

The Agony of Being Alone

Loss of companionship damages, which address how your accident has affected your relationship with your spouse, may also be recoverable with the help of your personal injury attorneys.

For instance, you could be unable to perform the same household chores or engage in the same sexual activity. Perhaps you cannot maintain the same standard of care for your children. After the accident, you could find that you can not perform all the same tasks you used to.

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