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Can I Settle a Car Accident Lawsuit Without Going to Trial?

In New Jersey, most claims following a car accident are settled with an insurance company before a car accident lawsuit is tried. However, injuries may be so severe that they cannot be fully compensated under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) mandated by New Jersey’s no-fault law. In this case, a car accident victim may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to gain full compensation for their injuries, medical bills, loss of income, and other damages.

Car Accident Settlements in NJ

Is it possible to file a claim and settle a car accident lawsuit without a trial? Yes, many cases are settled with favorable outcomes for the victim if another driver’s negligence can be proven before the lawsuit even goes to trial. This is often in everyone’s best interest, including the defendant’s. Trials are time-consuming, costly, emotionally draining, and most people simply want to move on with their lives following a car accident.

Nevertheless, there are also times when going to trial can positively affect the amount of compensation someone receives in a personal injury lawsuit. Other times, cases can be very complex, and more time is required to ascertain the exact facts in the circumstances of the accident, where a pre-trial settlement may not be immediately forthcoming. In such cases, your attorney will help you determine whether your best chance at maximum compensation is to accept a settlement or proceed to trial.

Seek Legal Advice Before Settling

It’s critical to consult a car accident lawyer before proceeding to trial because, in most cases, the attorney will have the experience to evaluate the damages, causation and likelihood of a favorable outcome when making the decision about settling or proceeding.

If you are presented with an offer to settle your claim or going to trial, your response will be determined by whether the additional time, expense and emotional investment can translate to higher compensation. Your personal injury car accident lawyer will represent you in court and will fight for your rights once you decide together what the best course of action is for your case.

A New Jersey Attorney Can Help You Settle

Depending on the circumstances and your wishes, you can settle a car accident lawsuit without going to trial in the Garden state. Contact our attorneys for results, advice, and a consultation. We can help determine how to move forward with your case.