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Six Questions to Ask an Injury Lawyer After an Accident

If you’ve been in an accident, one of the most important things to do is work with an injury lawyer that can help you secure compensation for your injuries. Of course, you must find an attorney who can get you the justice you deserve and will work hard to minimize stress for you at every step of the process.

You can learn a lot about a prospective attorney from scouring their website and reading client reviews; however, that won’t always tell you the entire story. Some things can only be determined from meeting and talking with a lawyer face to face.

Below, we’re discussing the top six questions you should ask a potential attorney before you sign on with them to handle your case. These will give you the foundation you need to make an informed decision about your legal representation.

1. Are you board-certified?

When an attorney is board-certified, it means that they have met or exceeded specific levels of excellence in an area of law. This is usually their specialization, and certification is an indication that they have gone above and beyond in terms of their knowledge and abilities. With a board-certified injury lawyer on your case, you can feel confident that you’re in great hands.

2. Are you a dedicated injury lawyer, or do you practice other types of law?

Choosing an attorney that only practices injury law is typically the best choice for an accident case. This is because lawyers dedicated to a specific area of law have more applicable experience and education. On the other hand, attorneys who handle several different cases may not have the in-depth knowledge needed because they spread their time and energy across multiple disciplines.

3. How long have you practiced law?

Every attorney has to start somewhere, and many younger lawyers are talented and successful. However, it’s important to remember that the number of years an attorney has been actively practicing law translates to a wealth of experience. When dealing with a complicated injury case or one where a large amount of compensation is needed, it’s generally better to choose a lawyer who has been practicing for many years.

4. How many cases have you taken to trial?

Sometimes, car accidents and other cases with severe injuries must go to trial. If this happens to you, it’s important to select an attorney who has extensive experience in front of a judge – and hasn’t just settled all of their cases outside of court.

5. How many cases have you settled that are similar to mine?

Of course, the best-case scenario is to reach a fair settlement without having to go to trial. Therefore, it’s critical to get more information about your potential attorney’s track record. If they have settled cases that are similar to yours in scope, they will have a higher chance of repeating their success.

6. What is your assessment of my case, and how much compensation can I expect to receive?

Not all attorneys will have the same opinions regarding how much a particular case is worth. There’s nothing wrong with asking more than one lawyer this question, as it’s helpful to get a second or even third opinion. It’s also important to understand that this number is just an estimate. An injury lawyer can’t guarantee any particular settlement or level of compensation. Their belief in what your case is worth is only their best assumption based on their knowledge and experience. However, they should work with you to determine fair compensation and then fight hard to get the justice you deserve.

By asking the right questions of any attorney you’re considering for your injury case, you’ll have the best chance of working with a lawyer who can help you secure adequate compensation for your injuries.